Below are some screenshots to give you an impression of our Software AdBlaster.
This software automates the submission process so you have more time for more important things!

The Advertisement Setup - Here you create your ads, set them up and manage them.
This is the heart of the Software - The Submission Center. Here you can blast your ads to millions, fully automated. Detailed reports of the submission's status are shown here.
The Settings and Options Screen - You can set up the Software and ad-submission features and settings here.
This is our Ad-Wizard - It helps you creating Ads. Blasting your ads just got as easy as 1-2-3.
Your can also use the Autopost feature to have your ad submitted automatically whenever you want! Travel far away...leave your what you want...and still have your ads submitted! Schedule as many ads as you want!
The great Ad-Manager will take care of all your ads. You can promote as many ads as you like with our Software.

Our software supports:

also supports windows XP

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