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Q.  I just joined, why are my payment links directed to my Sponsor or someone other than me?

A.  Initially, the paylinks on your site are directed to your qualified Sponsor as they receive your FIRST sale.  Once you are qualified (following your first sale), the paylinks on your site will be updated and directed to your own account(s).  You may see the Payplan in detail here

Q.  How will I know when I make a sale and/or become qualified?

A.  You will be notified via e-mail by our office when you receive your first sale which qualifies you.  Following your first sale, you will receive a carbon copy of the welcome e-mail sent to all of your referrals and one-up payments.  You will, of course, also be receiving payment notifications directly from the payment processor(s) you have selected to utilize.

Q.  How do I contact Support if I have any questions/problems?

A.  Support inquiries should be submitted to Inquiries are generally answered within 24 hours.  We DO NOT provide telephone Support.

Q.  Are memberships processed automatically?

A.   Memberships are processed manually by our office.  There is currently not a script which supports our one-up payplan.  Normally, memberships are processed within minutes of their arrival throughout the day and evening.  It is safe to assume that memberships which come in after midnight will not be processed until the following morning.

Q.  Where do I go to see my downline/stats?

A.   Due to our unique payplan, there is no script to support automating stats.  All memberships are processed manually.  You are responsible for keeping your own downline records.  This can be easily done by keeping a copy of the carbon copies of the welcome e-mails that we send to you.  Each e-mail will contain all pertinent membership information on your downline including their e-mail address, URL, telephone, referring member#, etc.  We suggest you create a folder in your e-mail client and keep all of your information there.

Q.  I just joined, how do I get started promoting my new website?

A.   We suggest you start in the Member's area.  There you will find everything you need to begin promoting including suggestions for places to advertise, sample ads/e-mails, instructions for setting up your autoresponder, follow-up autoresponder messages and MORE!  You should also contact your Sponsor for helpful suggestions.

Q.  How do I update my personal information or changes to my website?

A.   Submit any changes to your personal information or changes to your website information to .  Be sure to include your name and Member ID#.  All requests for changes will be implemented within 24 hours of receipt.

Q. Can I send out UCE aka SPAM e-mails?

A.   Absolutely NOT!  We have a strict No Spam policy which you agreed to when you signed up!  Violators of this policy are terminated immediately.  We are not against e-mail marketing if done responsibly.  This means you cannot include your PaysForever URL in any e-mail UNLESS the person has specifically requested it AND you can prove it!  We suggest sending out a "teaser" e-mail briefly explaining the program and asking people to respond for "more info".  Once they respond, you may then send them your URL and add them to your autoresponder for follow-up.